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Billy Thermal is a band formed by hit songwriter Billy Steinberg in 1979. The name Billy Thermal comes from the vineyards located in Thermal, California where Steinberg's father Lionel Steinberg owned Freedman Farms.[citation needed] The Band consisted of Billy Steinberg as lead vocalist and guitarist, guitarist Craig Hull, vocalist and drummer Efren Espinosa [1], who had previously played drums and sang with Edwin Starr (Motown), and bassist and vocalist Bob Carlisle, who had a hit during the mid-90's with "Butterfly Kisses." Planet Records was owned by top producer Richard Perry. Most of master tracks were recorded at Perry's studio in Los Angeles with Billy Steinberg and Craig Hull as listed producers. Another portion of Billy Thermal's initial recordings were recorded at Record One, which was owned and operated by Val Garay. Two of the songs recorded were "How Do I Make You" that would later be recorded and was a pop hit for Linda Ronstadt[citation needed] and "I'm Gonna Follow You" for Pat Benatar on her second album, 1980's "Crimes of Passion." Most of Billy Thermal's recordings would later be reissued through an LA independent label Kinetic Records. The song, "I'm Gonna Follow You" is also featured on a compilation LP released through Planet Records called Sharp Cuts. Today, Billy Steinberg remains one of the biggest songwriters and producers in the music business.[citation needed] Bob Carlisle continues to perform primarily in Christian venues. Efren Espinosa also continues to sing, play, and perform. Craig Hull's whereabouts are currently unknown but his distinctive guitar playing can be heard on "Bette Davis Eyes" performed by Kim Carnes.

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1187 Green Valley Road

1187 Green Valley Road