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Swanson Vineyards


About us

Swanson Vineyards owns 100 acres along the Oakville Cross Road in Oakville, located next to Opus One and Silver Oak Cellars. Swanson soils are part of geological history dating back to the formation of Napa Valley. Tectonic-plate movements and volcanic activity pushed up mountains to the east and west of the Napa River, while simultaneously displacing the ocean bottom downward in the southern part of the valley.  The soils on the valley floor are clay loam, alluvial in nature, laid down as sediment from the frequent flooding over the millenia. It is here that our 100 acres produce wines of great elegance and finesse.  It is to these soils that Swanson Vineyards\' wines owe their wonderful aromas, flavors and complexities. The vines are further nurtured by the use of a variety of rootstock, clones, spacing and trellis systems, all selected to enhance the capabilities of the soil. The winemaker\'s challenge is to ensure that all the potential of our vineyards is captured and reflected in our wines.

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How to get there

latitude: 38.451001
longitute: -122.419113
1271 Manley Lane
Rutherford, CA 94573

1271 Manley Lane
Rutherford, CA 94573